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Source: htm. Accredited used by: Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, OH. [Biler - A Companion to European Intellectual History. Second Edition. Edited by Rüdiger G. Buhr, Gabriele Buhr, and Sabine Haenni. Oxford: Blackwell. Originally published in 1998.] Spans the period from 15th to 19th centuries. Focuses on various aspects of gender, women's history, social history, national history, and culture. Popular with law professors, but is known primarily by historians, political scientists, and women's studies scholars. Purpose: To supplement the coverage of the "European History" series. The "New European States Series" of OUP now features primary source materials, including government documents, treaties, constitutions, diaries, private letters, and works of art, to offer an examination of the features and problems of early modern European state-building, the nation-state, and the manner in which they have changed from one period to another. [Wood - Women's History of the World. Seventh Edition. Edited by MariJo C. C. Wood. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Published 2004.] Purpose: To provide students, researchers, and general readers with accessible, readable, and accurate primary sources. The strength of the book is the collection of documents that span nearly the entire world. The book is not intended to compete with the many superb websites, but provides a more consistent and comprehensive collection of information. [Gray - Social Science History. Third Edition. Edited by Robin E. H. Inkeles, and J. A. Edmondson. New York: Routledge. Originally published in 1970.] With no chapters devoted to the history of political science, this book is an indispensable guide to further study of this subject. The book covers European history (1789 to the end of the 20th century), with chapters on: 1) The modern period, 1789 to the present day. 2) The Enlightenment and liberalism. 3) The scientific revolution and science. 4) The industrial revolution and technology. 5) Capitalism and socialism. 6) Nationalism. 7) Racism and colonialism. 8) Population and welfare. 9) Management and organizations. [Ash




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